Our Service Policy...

Eco Healthy Vending is committed to offering you the best in vending machine service.

  • We believe in doing business with a hand shake and feel that our service is our contract, therefore we do not require you to sign a contract.
  • Signing contracts can often cause you to lose control over the quality of your vending service.
  • Your machines will be set up and stocked at no cost to you.
  • Your machines will be serviced on a regular basis. Products are rotated to insure freshness.
  •  We designate a route driver to your company that will work with you to fulfill all your vending requests and will understand the needs of your company.
  • Equipment is cleaned and checked at each service.
  • All machines are equipped with electronic coin changers and accept both bills and coins for hassle free use.
  • Machines are equipped with a built in digital meter to insure accountability.
  • All our machines meet all Federal, State and Local safety requirements.